« Every time you begin a work, pray sincerely to God that He give you perfection and offer Him your work. »


~ Mother Meera

Volunteering to contribute to Mother Meera’s work

Whether it be in Canada or in India, you can get involved as a volunteer to propagate Mother Meera’s work to everyone. In Canada, Société Mère Meera is constantly looking for volunteers willing to give their time year-round or occasionally when Mother visits Canada. As for volunteering in one of the schools created by Mother Meera in India, anyone willing to work to foster children’s education from their early age is welcome.

Explore volunteering opportunities in Canada and in India and get involved to give your life a deeper meaning.

Volunteering in Canada

Do you want to get involved in Société Mère Meera? We always welcome new members willing to partake managing our activities. Year-round, we need people to take care of La Chapelle premises so that Mother’s home in Canada reflects her image. During Mother’s tours, we definitely need help for registration, facilitate Mother’s movement, receive people at darshans, etc. Whether you are a Quebec resident or from another province, we invite you to express your interest.

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Volunteering in India

You are interested in India? Mother’s schools in Madanapalle are in need of many volunteers for: teaching, general maintenance, gardening, cleaning, kitchen, medical doctors, etc. Whatever your talent, there is a place for you! Besides living an unforgettable experience through contact with Mother’s children and Indian culture, you could have the opportunity to stand alongside Mother when she is in India. Working in her presence is a darshan in itself. In her presence, conscience expands. Mother teaches us how to intertwine business, noise and stress with silence until differences disappear.

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