« In everything, everywhere, in all beings, Light is hiding and must be revealed. If we try with all our heart, we will succeed. »


~ Mother Meera

Société Mère Meera, in service of Light and propagation of Mother Meera’s work

In the wake of their return from India, a small group of men and women from Quebec gave birth to Société Mère Meera. After hearing of a young girl with outstanding spiritual qualities, they had the opportunity to meet with her in person in 1979, through Mr. Reddy, her uncle. They found out that She was more precious than they had conceived. This decisive meeting marked the beginning of a long love story between Mother Meera and Canada.

Between 1979 and 1981, Mother Meera travelled three times to Canada accompanied by Adilakshmi and Mr. Reddy. Her several travels led us to hope that she would take residence here but her final choice was Germany. Over the years, Mother kept coming to Canada, first to enable people to receive Light and, later on, for collective meditations. Nowadays, she comes regularly to give darshan.

Société Mère Meera’s main task is organizing Mother Meera’s activities in Canada.


Société Mère Meera was incorporated in May 1980, on the initiative of a small group of men and women from Quebec who had discovered Mother Meera in India the previous year. The birth of this non-profit organization responded to their fervent wish to offer Light and propagation of Mother Meera’s work to as many Canadians as possible.


For over 40 years, Société Mère Meera has been dedicating itself to the propagation of Mother Meera’s work throughout Canada. In December 2012, it established a physical headquarter in Quebec – La Chapelle – in order to have a permanent darshan hall. The society is also involved in projects in India, through the contribution of several members.


Société Mère Meera is involved all year round in promoting Mother’s work. In steady contact with Mother and her German team, through our newsletter, the society gives you the latest news about her, her schedule and her activities. Our online boutique enables you to get Mother’s reference books and other items that will support your practice of meditation and help you relate to the Divine Mother.

Board of Directors

Société Mère Meera is administered by a board of directors committed to the society’s objectives. They are appointed for one-year term. Some directors have been present since the very beginning. All of them share their devotion to Mother and their desire to help propagate the Light and bear witness of Her. You wish to get involved in Société Mère Meera, see volunteering.

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