« The Divine Mother provides help for the wellbeing on physical, mental, vital and spiritual planes. She gives peace and helps people get what they need. »


~ Mother Meera

Mother Meera’s involvement in India

Mother Meera travels to her native land several times a year; she is deeply involved in her community, especially in Madanapalle in Southern India. In addition to the Ashram Vidyalaya where she gives meditation, Mother Meera opened several schools in Madanapalle and its vicinity; the main one is the English Medium High School located on the ashram campus. Mother’s vision to give her Indian children a high-level education was made possible thanks to the volunteers’ help and will.

The English Medium High School gives opportunity to more than 1,000 children aged between   3 and 16 years of acquiring an education whose pedagogy and management are inspired by Western standards and where Western volunteers act in support of Indian teachers. In addition to academic teaching, a period of prayer and silent meditation is integrated into the daily lives of students.

Mother Meera sees even bigger things for her children. During her stay in Quebec, she asked one member of the Board of Directors of Société Mère Meera, with a strong expertise in engineering, to plan the college construction project.

Mother continues her commitment to reform the world by giving all Indian children the chance to access education, regardless of their caste, gender, place of origin, the financial situation of their parents or their religion.

Meditations with Mother Meera

Whenever Mother Meera is in India, she holds meditation at Ashram Vidyalaya in Madanapalle. You can see Mother’s schedule in India and book your place online. Meditations begin at 19:00. We invite you to enter the darshan hall 30 minutes before the beginning. Please note that it is not possible to speak personally to Mother Meera on those evenings. For accommodation you can chose a hotel in close vicinity of Ashram Vidyalaya. Mother Meera often has last minute obligations and must cancel her presence at the last moment. If that is the case, don’t be disappointed.


Mother Meera English Medium High School
(near Madikayala Sivalayam)
Remembrance of Mr. Reddy, Paramatma Dari,
Madanapalle 517325, Chittoor District,
Andhra Pradesh, South India
+91 94-93-628108

The English Medium High School

This main school was inaugurated on June 7th 2010 by Mother Meera with 250 students. This number has increased to over 1,200 in kindergarten, primary and secondary levels with over 48 classrooms. It includes an introduction to computer operation, audiovisual equipment, a science laboratory, a library and a Wi-Fi connection. The school campus includes boarding facilities for volunteers and certain students. Since 2010, Mother has opened four additional schools in Madanapalle and surroundings, with about 100 people working in Mother’s schools.

Pictures : © Rob Slijper, from the video Mother Meera

Le Collège

While touring in Québec on April 2014, Mother Meera asked André DeLadurantaye, a member of the Board of Directors of Société Mère Meera to draw up a plan for a college in order to enable students to pursue their studies in Madanapalle after the secondary level. She has a very clear vision of said college: more than 4,000 post-secondary students of which 1,200 boarders; total area; number of floors with layout of interior areas; number of classrooms etc. In Spring 2016, André DeLadurantaye presented his plans executed with the collaboration of his daughter: “That will be my college,” said Mother.

Finally, on December 4th 2019, André DeLadurantaye presents to Mother Meera the model of the project carried out with the help of other volunteers… Mother was delighted by the outcome. Many steps remain to bring this project to completion. You can get involved in this project that will be a gift to Mother Meera in thanks for all the work she accomplishes graciously throughout the world.

See website on the project. You can also see the model at La Chapelle in Ste-Adèle.

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