« You don’t have to sit and meditate for hours on end to receive the Light. (…) The Light comes spontaneously like the blooming of a flower. »


~ Mother Meera

Mother Meera’s residence in Germany

Since 1981, Mother Meera chose to live in a picture-postcard country village. She gives darshan in the village of Balduinstein, State of Rhineland-Palatinate (in German, Rheinland-Pfalz), an area famous for its romantic charm with its vineyards, castles, volcanic lakes, valleys and sites inscribed to the World Heritage List of the UNESCO. Mother’s house is located at the foot of Schaumburg Castle, 10 km south-west of Limburg. A volunteers’ community was formed to support Mother’s work all year-round.

Inside, a large hall is dedicated to darshans that Mother usually gives three times a week when she is not travelling. As soon as the pandemic situation allows it, darshans will start again with a prior reservation. To come to Balduinstein, the closest airports are Frankfort or Cologne/Bonn. From there, one can rent a car and go direct to Schloss Schaumburg or take the train up to Limburgh and get to Schloss Schaumburg by bus or taxi. Several hotels are close by so that you can enjoy a nice stay.

When she is not in Germany, Mother Meera tours the world giving her blessing. She also travels several times a year to see her community in India where she established several schools.

Whether in Canada or in Germany, darshans with Mother Meera will not start again before 2023. Meanwhile, you can follow online daily meditations and read her answers to better get through the present period.

Mother Meera’s center, at the foot of Schloss Schaumburg

When in Germany, mother gives her darshans in a heritage building that was, in times past, an annex to Schloss Schaumburg. For many years now, this U-shaped building has been renovated and now has a large hall able to accommodate over 200 people. They come from all over the world to receive Light from Mother. Many volunteers live on-site permanently. Outside there is a garden suitable for walking, relaxation and meditation.

Pictures : © Rob Slijper, from the video Mother Meera

How to receive darshan in Germany ?

In normal times. Mother Meera’s darshans are given three times a week: on Fridays and Saturdays at 19:00 and on Sundays at 17:00. Entry if free but you must book your place online, by phone or in writing.

On your darshan day, you should enter the darshan hall 30 minutes before the beginning. Inside, you should wear clean socks or soft slippers. Anticipate you will be quietly seated for about two hours. Cell phones must be off. And then, when comes your turn, you just have to receive Mother’s gift of Love, Light and Grace.


Our contact details

Residence of Mother Meera
Schloss Schaumburg
D-65558 Balduinstein

Hotel list

Travelling in Balduinstein

Here are precise instructions to go to the charming village of Balduinstein and to Schloss Schaumburg.

By airplane to Francfort

We recommend Frankfurt airport as the easiest airport of entry. You can also fly to Cologne/Bonn.

By train, from Frankfort Airport to Limburg to Balduinstein

Option 1

Frankfurt Airport to Central Station Frankfurt

Frankfurt Central Station to Limburg/Lahn

Tickets to Limburg/Balduinstein at the travel center or at ticket machine at terminal 1 below airport section B.

In Limburg take the bus or taxi and travel to Balduinstein or to your destination.


Option 2

Direct train (ICE, Inter-City Express) from Frankfurt Airport (Fernbahnhof) to Limburg-Süd and then via taxi or local bus to Balduinstein or your destination. This connection is much faster, but more expensive.

By train from other places to Schloss Schaumburg

Take the Giessen (Gießen)-Limburg-Koblenz line. Balduinstein is the 3rd station after Limburg. You will have to walk from Balduinstein to Schaumburg, a 25-minute walk uphill.

By taxi from Limburg to Schloss Schaumburg

Cost about 20 €

Taxi-Addi +49 6433 2222

By car from Frankfurt Airport to Schloss Schaumburg

If you rent a car, we advise you to negotiate the price beforehand.

It’s a one-hour drive from Frankfurt airport to Schloss Schaumburg.

  1. Follow signs A3 (Autobahn no 3) to Wiesbaden / Köln. Coming from Frankfurt City follow signs for A66 to Wiesbaden, then for A3 to Köln (Cologne)
  2. Leave A3 at exit Limburg-South >
  3. After tunnel turn left B54 > Bad Schwalbach / Diez.
  4. In Diez turn left B54 > Bad Schwalbach / Katzenelnbogen.
  5. After 1,5 km turn right to Katzenelnbogen / Birlenbach.
  6. After Birlenbach turn right in the curve to Schaumburg / Balduinstein. The castle appears on the left after about 1 km.

By car from Cologne (Köln) to Schloss Schaumburg

  1. Leave A3 at exit 41 Diez / Nassau.
  2. Take a right turn twice to Eppenrod.
  3. Follow signs Hirschberg > Langenscheid > Balduinstein >

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